Sara | Concordia Language Villages


Learning Spanish was not a piece of cake for Sara. In high school, she had to retake her first year of Spanish to continue through the program. “I thought Spanish was interesting and fun, but a challenge,” she recalled. Her struggles with being a slow learner did not discourage her from learning about other cultures in hopes of traveling abroad and participating in foreign cultures more actively.

Sara’s efforts paid off. During college, she traveled to Spain for six months, and later to Mexico for two months. She graduated with a BA in Spanish through Letters and Science. Currently she is working towards her teaching degree in education, with a focus on Spanish, for K-12 students.

As a first year credit teacher at El Lago del Bosque, Sara is a dynamic educator to beginning learners. She feels that she can be a good teacher because she relates to the students’ learning challenges. “I have compassion for people who don’t get Spanish, because I have experienced it.” She notes that learning a language takes time and at El Lago del Bosque villagers are able to experience Spanish 24/7. “You learn the language so that you can function.”

Everyone participates in the Village community - the daily routine of meals, activities, playing in the Lake, visits to the bank and the store. The credit student villagers interact with their grammar language teachers, counselors, other villagers all day. “I never really knew my teachers” Sara recalls, “and they didn’t know me. Here I feel I know my students and what they need and want to learn. I am able to meet the benchmarks of the public school system, while also adding language that is necessary for daily communication.”