Family Liaison/Senior Counselor | Concordia Language Villages

Family Liaison/Senior Counselor

Family Liaison/Senior Counselor Qualifications

  • Completion of sophomore year in college (as a fully enrolled student)/post-secondary school or international equivalent or equivalent experience.
  • Considerable proficiency in the target language
  • Previous Concordia Language Village or camp (residential or day camp) experience, preferred
  • Experience with young people
  • Enjoyment of living and working in a rustic, outdoor setting
  • Skills in relevant activity and cultural areas with ability to lead

Family Liaison/Senior Counselor Responsibilities

  • Optimize intentional and pro-active interpersonal contact with villager families to effect powerful arrivals and deliberate departures, including but not limited to Opening and Closing Days
  • Prepare villagers and villager families for communicating about the camp experience. Help villagers bring the Village experience to life for their parents
  • Network with staff, villager families and others to expand alumni contact information, including teachers, not only those in attendance this summer, but also those with a past history at the Village to help expand the advocacy and support networks for the Language Community
  • Coordinate with dean and all summer staff to expand villager database content for additional data to support more personalized, direct, engaging and pro-active retention and recruitment (enrollment management) efforts, also considering how families may be able to support the advancement of the Village beyond their child’s attendance
  • Share parent/family feedback with staff frequently throughout the summer, highlighting what parents value by sending their children to the Village
  • Assist dean with parent communications pre-sessions, during, and post-sessions
  • Coordinate activities of this position with those of the Village Blogger and the Village Marketing assistant to present mutually aware and integrated messaging and content in communications with villager families, alumni and other stakeholders

Senior Counselor

  • Work under direction of dean and designated leadership staff members as part of counseling team
  • Assume counseling duties for individual house/cabin and other appropriate groups; assume lead counselor duties as appropriate
  • Participate in language instruction in both large-and small-group formats; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Lead and assist with activities as assigned; participate in all Village programs
  • Create a physically and emotionally safe environment in which participants feel accepted by staff and peers
  • Be attentive to supervising villagers at all times; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Motivate villagers to participate actively in the target language and culture (in the community setting)
  • Assist with the development of evening programs and cultural presentations; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Assist with supervising credit villagers during interim weekend as required
  • Complete villager progress reports to be sent to parents
  • Manage villager groups to promote safety, minimize injury/illness and meet developmental needs


Starting at $355 for a one week period, room and board