Day Camp Program Leader | Concordia Language Villages

Day Camp Program Leader


  • Completion of freshman year in college (as a fully enrolled student)/post-secondary school or international equivalent or equivalent experience
  • Completion of intermediate level language study (second or third year college)
  • Experience with young people
  • Enjoyment of living and working in a rustic, outdoor setting
  • Skills in related cultural/recreational areas


  • Primarily responsible for planning and running the Day Camp programs
  • Create and implement the curriculum for the language program
  • Work under direction of dean and designated leadership staff members
  • Assume counseling duties for individual house/cabin and other appropriate groups; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Participate in language instruction in both large-and small-group formats; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Lead and assist with activities as assigned; participate in all Village programs
  • Create a safe environment in which participants feel accepted by staff and peers
  • Be attentive to supervising villagers at all times; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Motivate villagers to participate actively in the target language and culture (in the community setting)
  • Assist with the development of evening programs and cultural presentations; assume leadership as appropriate
  • Assist with supervising credit villagers during interim weekend as required
  • Complete villager progress reports to be sent to parents
  • Manage villager groups to promote safety, minimize injury/illness and meet developmental needs


Starting at $230 per one week period, plus room and board