Two-Week Curriculum Facilitator | Concordia Language Villages

Two-Week Curriculum Facilitator


  • Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent
  • Previous Concordia Language Villages or camping experience
  • Experience as a teacher in the target language
  • Skills in teaching the target language and helping others teach the target language
  • Skills in personnel management and program organization
  • Conversational and written proficiency in the language
  • Skills in cultural/recreational activity areas
  • Work experience with the age group concerned
  • Teaching licensure preferred


  • Implement the educational curriculum of the two-week program (including activities)
  • Teach and/or organize large-group language instruction periods daily
  • Organize small-group language instruction periods
  • Lead daily meetings for learning-group Village staff
  • Prepare and supervise completion of villager progress reports
  • Assume responsibility for counseling duties as designated by the dean
  • Assist the dean with staff development and supervision
  • Assist with preseason planning and preparation as designated by the dean
  • Collaborate with the credit facilitator to ensure an integrated Village program
  • Substitute as needed for counselors in small language groups and activities
  • Provide peer coaching of language learning group leaders
  • Manage the process of placing villagers in language learning groups; implement self-placement
  • Submit a final report to the dean before end of staff agreement date
  • Organize and manage resource materials


Starting at $450 for a one-week period, room and board.