Staff Team Leader | Concordia Language Villages

Staff Team Leader


  • Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent
  • Previous Concordia Language Villages experience
  • Skills in teaching the target language and managing groups of people
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English and the target language with adults and children
  • Leadership level skills in one or more cultural/recreational areas
  • Work experience with school-aged children


  • Plan and lead cultural and evening programs.
  • Assume leadership for counseling and creating a safe environment for staff and villagers
  • Supervise staff as designated by the dean
  • Participate as assigned in the Village’s language immersion program
  • Develop and implement evening program and cultural presentations
  • Prepare and supervise completion of villager progress reports
  • Assist the dean with program development
  • Assist with program and staff performance appraisals
  • Assist with preseason planning and preparation
  • Assist with supervising credit villagers during interim weekend


Starting at $420 for a one-week period, room and board.