Credit Curriculum Facilitator | Concordia Language Villages

Credit Curriculum Facilitator


  • Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent
  • Previous Concordia Language Villages or camping experience
  • Experience as a teacher in the U.S. school system, preferred
  • Skills in teaching the language
  • Strong personnel and program management skills
  • Conversational and written proficiency in the target language
  • Skills in cultural/recreational activity areas
  • Work experience with high school students
  • Teaching licensure preferred
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with parents and schools


  • Implement the educational curriculum of  credit program
  • In consultation with the dean, make arrangements for pre-session planning: order texts, films, supplies and testing materials
  • Coordinate and administrate credit program: schedule classes and activities, interface with two-week schedule, handle correspondence and administer evaluations
  • Supervise the placement of credit villagers at appropriate levels
  • Ensure each villager has achieved a minimum of 180 hours of instruction and has complied with AdvancEd guidelines (accrediting body for the CLV high school credit sessions) on program quality and improvement
  • Ensure that all proper documentation of student performances required by Concordia Language Villages administration is collected and filed with the Concordia Language Villages office within three days of the credit session completion
  • Prepare a final report
  • Organize credit schedule during interim weekend
  • Assume responsibility for counseling duties as designated by the dean
  • Assist the dean with on-site orientation and training of credit teaching staff
  • Assist with credit program and staff performance appraisals
  • Collaborate with the two-week curriculum facilitator to ensure an integrated Village progra
  • Collect and analyze participant and staff assessment and survey mechanisms as well as document communication between staff and parent to ensure continuous program improvement in alignment with Cognia's standards (accrediting body for the CLV high school credit sessions).


Starting at $500 for a one-week period, room and board.