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Village Baker

Our J-1 Visa does not authorize us to hire kitchen or nursing personnel from outside the United States.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Experience in a baking or institutional kitchen or equivalent experience
  • Interest in preparing ethnic foods and desserts
  • Willingness to work evening or night shifts
  • Previous Concordia Language Villages counselor or camping experience
  • Oral proficiency in the target language preferred


  • Produce all baked goods for the Village in a timely manner as directed by the head cook
  • Maintain all baking equipment and areas in a clean and sanitary condition
  • Carry out food preparation tasks as requested by the head cook
  • Assist the Village chef with finding and utilizing recipes for ethnic baked goods
  • Assist with general kitchen cleanup as directed by the head cook


Starting at $370 for a one-week period, room and board