Village First Aider | Concordia Language Villages

Village First Aider


  • Meet the qualifications for counselor AND
  • Must be at least 20 years of age
  • Is certified in CPR (professional rescuer level) and First Aid; wilderness first aid credential preferred
  • Has a work history that evidences attention to detail, reliability, dependability, and ability to maintain confidence
  • Is capable of competent critical thinking and delivery of care in emergent situations
  • Advanced proficiency in English


Note: This position is a hybrid counselor position. The Village First Aider lives with villagers, has at least advanced beginner proficiency in the language of the Village, and, like other staff, helps with activities and language groups. However, this counselor is also scheduled to help the Village nurse as described below. 

  • Fulfills responsibilities of counselor AND 
  • Under the supervision of the Village nurse, the Village First Aider 
  • Assists with opening day screening 
  • Responds to Village emergencies as a member of the Village’s EMS team 
  • Helps supervise people admitted to the Health Center when nurse is doing tasks outside the Health Center 
  • Provides CPR and First Aid coverage during credit villagers’ interim weekend 
  • May accompany villagers to physician appointments 
  • May assist with Village sanitation processes such as hand-washing and cabin checks

Starting at $370 for one week, plus room and board.