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Health and Wellness Intern/Health Center Assistant

Our J-1 Visa does not authorize us to hire kitchen or nursing personnel from outside the United States.

Cross-cultural competence is a critical skill in today’s healthcare system.  An internship at Concordia Language Villages offers health majors (nursing, pre-med, social work etc.) an opportunity to learn cultural competency by living and working in a cultural and language immersion environment. Come expand your global network while helping us create the next generation of courageous global citizens! 

What past interns have said about the program:

  • "My whole perspective has completely changed. I have learned the importance and a new grown passion for holistic healing, getting out of the western medicine tactics, and new ways to interact with those of other cultures."
  • "I am absolutely so thankful for this opportunity as it taught me how to build my own character and be more open-minded to cultures- even appreciate my own more."
  • "I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world; it was so great hearing about so many different experiences. I also enjoyed learning about how healthcare varies from culture to culture."
  • "A main takeaway that I got from this experience is hands-on patient care. Having experience with difficult conversations about mental and physical health will be very useful going forward in my professional career as a doctor. In addition, just getting practice assessing different situations and coming up with a plan of action will be very useful."
  • "This made me even more interested in becoming a traveling nurse and connecting with a variety of people from different places. When working in healthcare, I feel it’s important to be culturally sensitive and understanding to the way of life others may live or do health. We can learn from others and vice versa, so keeping an open mind, in general, is important to all career fields."



Interns come from a wide range of health backgrounds, but all applicants should have interests in gaining clinical skills, learning about different cultures and languages, and broadly exploring issues in global health.

In 2023, two six weeks internship sessions offered (Session 1: June 3-July 15 & Session 2: July 10-August 20)


  • Must have completed at least one year of college
  • Must be a health major
  • Two years experience in a camp or youth-related environment
  • Must be interested in working with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures


  • Starting at $375 per one-week period, plus room and board.
  • Paid orientation, ongoing professional development, and the opportunity to apply for a $25,000 Dietrich Award

Internship hiring schedule

  • Dec: Applications open
  • Jan: Interviews begin and extend on a rolling basis
  • April: Virtual staff onboarding begins
  • May-June: Virtual orientation and training opportunities begin

Any interested applicants are encouraged to reach out to