Camp Nurse - RN, NP, MD | Concordia Language Villages

Camp Nurse - RN, NP, MD


Health and Wellness Licensed Providers at Concordia Language Villages

Welcome to the magical world of working with the Health and Wellness team at Concordia Language Villages! Every summer we hire and train a fabulous staff of licensed health care professionals to provide care for our Villagers and staff. Our staff includes an array of Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Vocational Nurses, EMTs, Physician Assistants, Physicians and Acupuncturists.

These professionals live and work in Village health centers, working in close collaboration with the Village leadership team, Culinary Arts Department and other Health and Wellness staff to provide 24:7 medical care. Each health center is unique, but all are equipped with basic medical supplies and over-the-counter medications that professionals use to follow standing orders of care. In most Villages, health interns also work alongside health professionals assisting with basic first aid, screening and medication administration.

Previous camp experience is not required, but critical thinking, a sense of play and a love of working with children are necessary components of the job!

What our nurses name as their favorite parts of the job:

  • Meeting staff and villagers from all over
  • Being outside in nature
  • Being part of a different culture and learning
  • Also the food!

Getting out of the clinic or hospital setting to be a part of nature, learning a different language and culture, eating amazing food and getting to go back to camp as an adult is an incredible experience, and not surprisingly we have a lot of interest from health staff! If you are interested in becoming part of this health and wellness summer team, we will begin our hiring process for Summer RN/MD/Provider and LVN/LPN positions in December.

Unfortunately, our J-1 Visa does not authorize us to hire nursing or medical personnel from outside the United States.

Our Summer hiring schedule is as follows:

  • November: Premier staffing opens to staff who worked the previous summer
  • December: Applications for all summer positions open through Concordia College (all returning, new or interested applicants must apply online every year)
  • Spring: Hiring contracts sent and virtual onboarding begins
  • April-May: Volunatary virtual professional development opportunities begin (specific dates TBD)

Premier staffing:

If you successfully worked in the previous summer, you are eligible to become part of premier staffing for the subsequent summer. This means that you will have the first choice of weeks and villages you would like to work. You must work a minimum of two consecutive weeks, but you can work as many weeks as you would like. Please only sign up for weeks that you are truly able to work. In order to secure your preferred spots, you must complete a Concordia College application by December 31st. Typically these applications become available in early December. If you do not submit your application by the deadline, your spots will be released into general hiring.

General staffing:

This phase of staffing will open on Dec 15th. If you have worked at Concordia Language Villages in the past three years, after you submit your application, you will be given access to choose which weeks and villages you would like to work at and directly schedule yourself. You must sign up for a minimum of two weeks but may take as many weeks as you are realistically able to work.

If you are new to Concordia Language Villages, you will also be a part of the general staffing phase. Once you have submitted an application and successfully interviewed, you will be sent an invitation to choose your shifts.