Village Weekends Counselor | Concordia Language Villages

Village Weekends Counselor

These positions are available at different times throughout the academic year, from September to May.

Qualifications Needed

  • Target language skills
  • Experience with young people
  • Skills in related cultural/recreational areas

General Expectations of all Positions

  • Be familiar with and abide by specific policies set forth in the policy statement.
  • Be advised that the entire staff of each Village is under direction of and is responsible to the dean.
  • Assist with setting up village and/or preparing for the program.
  • Speak the target language with villagers and staff members as much as possible.
  • Model standards for behavior and be sensitive to the health and welfare of the villagers.

Essential Abilities Needed

  • Ability to assist villagers in emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, injury).
  • Strength and endurance to maintain constant supervision of villagers.
  • Ability to observe villager behavior, assess its appropriateness and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques.
  • Possess visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to participants.

Responsibilities of Position

  • Work under direction of dean, intern and/or designated counselor as part of counseling team.
  • Assume counseling duties for individual house/cabin and other appropriate small groups.
  • Participate in, lead and/or teach language and culture in all village activities.
  • Manage villager groups to promote safety, minimize injury/illness and meet developmental needs.
  • Create a safe environment in which participants feel accepted by staff and peers.
  • Motivate villagers to participate actively in the target language and culture.