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Our Locations: Hackensack, Minn.

Lago del Bosco

Lago del Bosco is quaintly situated at Camp Holiday in Hackensack, Minn. The Fraser family began Camp Holiday as a private girl’s camp in 1922, and they have continued their careful maintenance through several generations.

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Italian Language Village
Lago del Bosco
Camp Holiday
4395 14th Ave NW
Hackensack, MN 56452
Phone: (218) 682-2570
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About Camp Holiday

The buildings and grounds have been well maintained and upgraded over the years to cherish the “camp” atmosphere and also accommodate modern needs.  The main swimming beach is situated on Baby Lake and provides a wonderful view of scenic northern Minnesota. There is a beautiful swimming area, and the waterfront is full of different activities for the villagers.

The cabins give a nice sense of community and all face into a large, flat, grassy area. The cabins have a capacity of ten villagers and two counselors. The cabins are simple and cozy (no electricity) with bunk beds and small cupboards for the villagers’ possessions. The cabin is usually the first place villagers will get to know other people at camp, and cabin life is a very special part of both the Language Villages experience.

It is also in the cabins that villagers get a good opportunity to share their feelings and talk about their days at Lac du Bois, Mar e Floresta or Lago del Bosco. A favorite among many villagers is the sauna, and some make it something of a tradition to come use the sauna nearly every day! Counselors take turns having an early morning wake-up to light a fire in the woodstove so that the sauna can be nice and hot for the before-breakfast bathers!

The sports field is a very well-used area of camp. It consists of a flat, grassy area often used as a soccer field, games and activities. There is also a court nearby that villagers use to play volleyball. The sports field also provides parking spaces for opening and closing days!


Minnesota is typical of a continental climate. The North Woods of Minnesota experience the widest variety of weather in the United States. Each of the four seasons has its own distinct characteristics. Although summers are generally hot and humid, it is normal to experience rain showers, thunderstorms and cool nights. Temperatures average 85 F but can get down to 55 F, so keep that in mind while packing!

Travel Information

Nearest Airport
Bemidji Regional Airport, Bemidji, Minn. (60 miles/96 kms)