National Advisory Council | Concordia Language Villages

National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council for Concordia Language Villages exists to provide expertise, advice and support to the President of Concordia College and the Executive Director of Concordia Language Villages regarding the Villages’ vision and plans for growth. The National Advisory Board is an important resource as the Villages strategically maintains a leadership role in language and culture education, nationally and internationally.

Board members provide intellectual and human resources to the President and the Executive Director to ensure that this mission is realizable in the context of the educational opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century. In addition, the National Advisory Board supports the collaborative ventures between the College and the Villages to capitalize on Concordia’s international and multicultural dimensions as a springboard to distinction.

The membership of the National Advisory Board consists of 20 to 30 members and is comprised of a select group of top business, corporate, educational and other leaders from across the United States. Members have a vested interest in Concordia Language Villages as villager parents or grandparents, former staff members and/or Language Villages’ alumni.  National Advisory Board membership is diverse geographically and in areas of interest and expertise that relate to the importance of international education. 

Additional Advisory Boards: Arabic Language Village Advisory Committee, Salolampi Foundation, Lac du Bois National Advisory Board,  Italian Language Village National Advisory Committee, Mori no Ike Steering Committee, Portuguese Language Village International Steering Committee

Additional Forums: The Language Villages also reaches out to other members of the community and actively engages with and encourages participation from these forums. Two particularly active groups include the Parents Advisory Council and the Bemidji Area Advisory Council.