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Meet Our Staff

While facilities, food and curriculum are all critical to the success of our programs, the most important element contributing to the success of the Language Villages over the years has been the hiring, training and development of our staff. 

While hiring and training staff for our youth programs, we pay the utmost attention to safety and child development so that younger villagers feel comfortable and safe in our programs. Staff for adult programs are trained for safety but also have developed the skills and expertise necessary to help adult learners develop proficiency in another language and culture.  

Staff for Programs

Deans and Program Leaders

The deans and program leaders hire and train staff and develop the curriculum and activities for each Village. All are exceptional educators with native or near-native proficiency who are dedicated to the mission of the Language Villages and to the health, education and support of learners of all ages.

Credit Teachers

Credit teachers are responsible for the academic curriculum in the high school credit programs. They are native speakers and/or certified educators with strong backgrounds working with youth in their home countries or here in the United States. 

Credit teachers work with small groups of students on structured, academic lessons.



Counselors are typically college students or recent college graduates who lead activities, live with the villagers in their cabins, and supervise villagers throughout the day. Most have had significant experience abroad or are native speakers. Many counselors were also villagers for many years.

Counselors help generate enthusiasm for the language
with games, songs and cultural lessons.