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Lifelong Learning

The mission of Concordia Language Villages is to inspire courageous global citizens. We seek to advance this mission through the CLVway. What does this mean for the individual learner?

The overarching philosophy of a Language Village program is the creation of a grand simulation that immerses the learner in another language and culture. Each Village program constructs a nurturing community-based setting in which learners of all ages are encouraged to “try on new personas” or push beyond their comfort zone in order to explore the best parts of their own personal journey.

The foundation of teaching and learning at Concordia Language Villages is the holistic development of each participant in such content areas as language, culture, geography, history, science and environmental learning, sports, arts and contemporary affairs. The advancement of such socio-emotional domains as courage, empathy, play, community and reflection is equally part of the educational experience.

Concordia Language Villages seeks to develop on behalf of all its participants and staff:

  • knowledgeable learners who communicate confidently in more than one language with a strong conceptual understanding of cross-cultural similarities and differences;
  • open-minded thinkers who use their own cultural grounding and multiple other perspectives to analyze problems and complex issues critically and creatively to make reasoned decisions and to act appropriately;
  • reflective and courageous actors who are capable of holding divergent thoughts, approach uncertainty and ambiguity with resilience, and embrace the learning that comes from new encounters;  
  • caring questioners who learn independently and enthusiastically through respectful and critical inquiry into assumptions and beliefs with a commitment to empathize with those around them; and
  • playful individuals who understand that a sense of humor and openness to fun can aid in the development of their intellectual life and lead to a balanced emotional and physical life.

Curriculum and assessment are rooted in our longstanding expertise as immersion educators that all learners more fully demonstrate their abilities and growth through authentic learning scenarios. Curriculum is designed to ensure that each participant is exposed to a set of core experiences and skills that support and advance the learner attributes noted above. Each Village daily schedule incorporates multiple teaching approaches to actively address diverse learning styles. Sufficient time is provided for necessary reflection and processing to assist participants in knowing themselves as learners, doers, and members of a community. Assessment of learning is a natural part of Village instruction. Learners can demonstrate their newly acquired language and cultural skills through a wide variety of options, such as skits or oral presentations, interpersonal conversations, interpretive listing, and collaborative projects.