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Kayla’s Story: Inspired by Noam Chomsky


My name is Kayla McVeigh.  My interest in Japanese was sparked by my immense admiration for Noam Chomsky. I was reading about grammatical structures and came across a section that discussed SOV languages. While it started out as curiosity fueled by my deep respect for Noam Chomsky and the field of linguistics, Japanese is now very personal to me. I've become vested in the language and the culture that surrounds it.

Concordia's Japanese Language Village, Mori no Ike, provided me with an understanding of the language that allowed me to set and reach Japanese related goals. After my first summer with Mori no Ike, I took and passed the JLPT level N5.

The unique and personalized education I had received at the Language Villages made me seek out a better educational opportunity at home as well. I left my public high school to pursue a path that would better fit me and allow me to focus on my language studies, and started college a year and a half early where I studied Japanese. I participated in and won the Japanese speech contest at my university.

This year I am still taking Japanese at my university, and I am registered to take the next level of the JLPT in December. In addition to this, I have started a teaching assistant position for the beginning Japanese class offered at my university. The Japanese professor I TA (teaching assist) for also lets me run a tutoring group for the students in her classroom.

Concordia's programs opened doors and gave me the confidence to pursue language opportunities not only with my Japanese but my Italian and Arabic studies as well. I am a strong supporter of Concordia's programs and the Japanese Village. I aspire to work at the Japanese Language Village so I can stay a part of the Concordia family and help students like Concordia has helped me. I am grateful for what I learned with Concordia.