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Festivities at Salolampi

We love to celebrate at Salolampi —no matter what the time of year. Regardless of the calendar day, villagers get a chance to celebrate Finnish holidays and enjoy several festive occasions each summer.

Kesämökkipäivä (Summer Cabin Day)

Finns love to spend warm summer days at a summer cabin (kesämökki), and this tradition is cherished at Salolampi. A handful of times each summer, villagers and staff spend the day at the beach, relaxing in the sauna and cooling down while swimming in the lake. Hungry swimmers can gather around the campfire to roast makkara (sausage) and tikkuleipä (bread on a stick) before heading back to the sauna.


Juhannus (Midsummer)

As a villager, you’ll get to experience the classic summer holiday Juhannus, Finnish Midsummer. Everyone dresses up and enjoys a top-notch meal prepared by the kitchen. The evening ends with a dance where new and old Finnish songs are played while villagers get to show off their moves.


Joulu (Christmas)

Here at Salolampi we celebrate Christmas—even in July! In the evening, villagers participate in our very own kuusijuhla, a traditional Christmas party celebrated in schools. We decorate, sing songs and even dance around the Christmas tree! If we’re lucky enough, Joulupukki (Santa Claus) himself might come for a visit. Everyone dresses up for a fine Christmas dinner and has the chance to enjoy traditional Finnish Christmas delicacies, such as perunalaatikko (potato casserole) or joulutorttu (a sweet pastry with plum-marmalade).

Santa Claus visiting villagers in July at Salolampi - the Finnish Village. 
Christmas Tree decorated at Salolampi - the Finnish Village.