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Brígida's Story:
Choosing Two Languages

Megan Brígida Jones felt her journey with the Villages was complete after seven years of Spanish at El Lago del Bosque. However, when she was offered an opportunity to attend Mar e FlorestaBrígida leaped at the prospect of learning Portuguese.

"I 100-percent fell in love with the language," says Brígida. "It's really easy to communicate in Portuguese, but the beauty of the language is under-appreciated. I wanted to learn more."

After graduating from high school, Brígida enrolled in the University of Tulsa, Okla., and chose to study Portuguese alongside business and Spanish. Brígida's decision to study Portuguese was not made lightly, however.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Brazil has ousted the United Kingdom as the sixth largest world economy. Learning this, Brígida realized an increasing number of companies would be looking for employees who can cross the language divide, therefore creating more employment opportunities for those who can speak Portuguese.

“I would love to work in Brazil,” says Brígida. “Speaking Portuguese will help me stand out when applying for work in the business world.”

Even without the economic success of Brazil, the need for Portuguese speakers is growing. With populations of native Portuguese speakers living on every continent, the culture surrounding the Portuguese language is becoming an increasingly global one.

“[Learning Portuguese] makes me feel really unique because it is not that common in the United States, yet still connected to a larger world culture,” says Brígida. “It brings me so much joy. Portuguese completes me.”