Healthcare & Supervision 

Who supervises villagers?

The staff is comprised of adults of all ages from all over the world. They are native speakers or students and teachers of the language, and some are past villagers in the program. Concordia Language Villages hires staff members with the safety of villagers foremost in our mind. We hire carefully. We train carefully. We supervise carefully. We follow camp industry best practices, and our approach complies with standards of our accrediting agency, American Camp Association, as well as pertinent laws and insurance regulations. For more information visit our safety page.

What is the staff to villager ratio?

Our staffing ratio is 1:4 and meets or exceeds national standards for overnight camps. The staffing ratio reflects the total number of staff in a Village who are responsible for engaging with and supervising participants, as teachers, counselors and program leaders. The overall ratio varies from activity to activity during the course of the Village day, from large-group instruction to small-group interaction. Your child will also have the opportunity for many individual conversations to further develop language and culture skills. 

How are villager's healthcare needs addressed?

Every village has a Health Center and a designated healthcare provider onsite. Healthcare staff complete an orientation that includes review of medical protocols from our program’s supervising physician. The scope of service provided by our Health Center staff is limited to care of routine illness and injury; we do not have physicians in residence. At minimum, each village has a staff person credentialed in first aid and CPR. You can find detailed healthcare information in the Parent Handbook or visit Health Services page. Contact Health Services at (800) 450-2214 or (218) 586-8771. 

What happens if my child gets homesick?

For some villagers, spending time away from home is a major step. The first letter you receive (which may have been written on the very first afternoon) may sound a little hesitant about the Village experience. We find that most villagers just need a little time to adjust to the new situation and forget their worries after the first or second day. We encourage a positive attitude and also encourage villagers to write home and let their parents know how they are doing. Parents are asked to support their child by sending mail or emails, which are delivered each day at a specific time. The Parent Handbook has great tips to help your villagers adjust to the Villages.

What if I don't feel well?

When you arrive at the Villages, you will meet with the Village nurse to review any medication you might be taking. If you feel sick, or even if you just need a band-aid, your counselors will take you to see your Village nurse. And it’s also normal to miss home if you’re away for the first time. Your counselors want to make sure you’re having a good time; they’ll be there for you.

How is medication handled?

For family sessions, parents/guardians are considered the primary caretaker and responsible for the well-being of themselves as well as the children in their care. Medication must be left in the cabins/living space of each family and is the responsibility of the adults in the family.