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Roast That Marshmallow in Mandarin, Soldier!

For generations, Minnesota kids have flocked to Concordia Language Villages, a summer camp near Bemidji to learn French, German, or Norwegian. The newest campers? Military linguists in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Potatoes, Hot Dog Sauce, and Socialism

Potatoes, Hot Dog Sauce, and Socialism
In July 2019, Salolampi and Concordia Language Villages received major international attention when a team of investigative reporters from the Helsingin Sanomat spent a full 24 hours at Salolampi and wrote a feature article about it. The Helsingin Sanomat is the Finnish counterpart to the New York Times, that is, the most widely read and respected periodical in Finland.

A Spanish Immersion Family

Concordia Language Villages offer cultural opportunities for the entire family. 

A true national security threat — foreign language programs disappearing

"In January, the Modern Language Association reported that colleges across the country have shut down a “stunning” 651 language programs over the past three years."

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