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Immersive English in Africa

Shouts of “Karibu! Karibu sana!” or ”Welcome! You are most welcome!” greeted Concordia students and staff as they arrived at the Grumeti Reserve adjacent to the Serengeti. The team was there to launch an English Language Village pilot project and the locals welcomed them warmly.

Why Learn Languages? Ask the Experts at ACTFL!

Christine Schulze, executive director of Concordia Language Villages, was interviewed for a story in the Huffington Post, "Why Learn Languages? Ask the Experts at ACTFL!"

“Learning another language is one of the most rewarding things a person can do,” said Schulze in response. “One doesn’t have to become fluent to begin reaping the benefits. In fact, in an immersion environment, communicating in another language can come surprisingly quickly for young learners and adults alike. That’s the good news.”

Schulze then proceeded to give “10 Reasons Why to Learn a Language.”

Lead with Languages Scholarship Awardees

Lead with Languages Scholarship Awardees

Lead with Languages recenty announced the winners of their scholarship contest. Winners received $1,000 toward a summer youth immersion program at Concordia Language Villages by submitting a video explaining why learning a language is important to them. 

Vote for the 2017 International Day Song!

The 2017 International Day theme is "What's Your Story." We need your help to select an International Day song!

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