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Global Thinkers Forum

Global Thinkers Forum

Our very own Christine Schulze has been nominated for a Global Thinkers Forum award, in the category of “Excellence in Global Thinking.” The awards will be presented on December 6 in London, and Christine will be present for the ceremony. Congrats on your nomination, Christine! 

A Step Towards Healing

In Nazi-occupied Hungary during WWII, Concordia camp leaders would soon learn, Jews were herded onto trains with the promise of a lovely and tranquil destination. “We learned that our journey’s end was a place named Waldsee,” says the young narrator of Imre Kertész’s Nobel Prize-winning novel, “Fatelessness.”

Waldsee: Courageously Learning from History

For almost 60 years thousands of young people, families and adults have come to Waldsee for whimsical adventures in the German language. From the first "Guten Morgen!" until the last "Gute Nacht!",  our villagers build an impressive foundation of German skills and cultural knowledge.

A Special Message to the Concordia Language Villages Community

We celebrated another wonderful summer at Waldsee and look forward to further adventures in German language and culture this fall, winter and spring. Thank you for being part of our community. This spring we wrote to you that it had come to our attention that the name Waldsee is associated with a dark period of German history. You can find a summary of that episode, and our earlier letter here. In May we committed to address the many issues and questions associated with this period of...

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