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Wir tanzen gern!

Published: July 23, 2009

What’s a Maifest without Tanzen? Austrians are known for their traditional dances, and all of Waldsee joined in the fun – villagers learned such standards as the Polka and the Wiener Walzer, learned a fun folk dance called the Hammerschmied G’selln, found out how to perform a dance step called das fliegende Mädchen, and watched a traditional Bandltanz around the Maibaum. Then we all learned a dance song popular in German-speaking Europe this year called das Fliegerlied. Check out the videos below! Waldsee Maifest Tanzen - Teil I Mann im Heu, Hammerschmied G´selln, Polka, und Wiener Walzer Waldsee Maifest Tanzen - Teil II Schwertertanz, Bandtanz, und der Fliegertanz