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Why LKT?

Published: March 18, 2019

The only thing more fun than two weeks in Waldsee is four weeks in Waldsee! High school villagers are able to participate in our four-week credit program as Leistungskursteilnehmer (LKT). What makes the four-week high school credit program different than a two-week program?

As an LKT, a villager can earn a year’s worth of high school German credit in just four weeks, which allows for LKT villagers to get an even more in-depth immersion experience. LKTs take a closer look not only at reading, writing, and speaking German, but also at the history and culture of German-speaking Europe.


LKTs have three hours in a traditional classroom setting spread out throughout the day, while two-week villagers are participating in Familie (language-learning families), more informal language learning groups that learn German through a variety of games and activities. Our high school credit teachers focus on more technical aspects of German grammar, reading, and writing while working on fun group projects. Nata’s class last year made a The Office-style mockumentary of a day at Waldsee together!

Throughout the four weeks, LKTs work on compiling a portfolio to present for a grade at the end of the program. Items in the portfolio include daily assignments from class, projects from class and Arbeitsgruppen (AGs, working groups), and artifacts from Abendprogramme (evening programs) and simulations. Only LKTs receive a Note (grade) for their work at Waldsee. Every few nights, LKTs have Lernzeit (study hall) instead of an Abendprogramm in order to make sure their portfolios are completed before the deadline. LKT teachers and other counselors are available during Lernzeit to help villagers.

Arbeitsgruppen (AGs) take place over the course of two weeks, so every LKT gets to participate in two AGs. The AGs focus on a variety of fun topics, from Geschichte (German history), Drachenboot (dragon boat racing), Theater, Tanzen (dancing) and unique opportunities like learning Deutsche Gebärdensprache (German sign language). LKTs choose the AGs they participate in by learning about all of the different options and ranking their choices.


One of our favorite parts of the LKT experience is participating in simulations. The simulations focus on a current issues in German society, from immigration to the continued effects of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Learn more about how our simulations work with this blog post about our Flüchtlingskrise (refugee crisis) simulation.


There is so much to experience in four weeks at Waldsee as an LKT! We have LKT Klassisch (Classic), as well as specialty LKT programs such as STEM, Grüne Welle (green wave/outdoor adventure), and Märchenwald (medieval program). Sign up for one of our four-week high school credit programs here!