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Waldsee Küche zu Hause (Waldsee Kitchen at Home)

Published: May 13, 2020

From German dishes like Spätzle to Austrian Schnitzel to Swiss Raclette, Waldsee villagers can try a wide variety of foods that are typical in German-speaking countries, but are far less common here in the United States. Thanks to our incredible kitchen staff, everyone can find a new favorite throughout the summer. Can’t wait until July to enjoy a Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancakes) night or savory dishes like Rouladen? Here are some important vocabulary words for trying to make German recipes at home!

Ankunftstag [10.6.19]

das Rezept: the recipe! A great word to use when you want to Google how to make an authentic Wiener Schnitzel or another favorite meal. Some popular recipe websites in German are chefkoch.de, lecker.de, and kochbar.de.

die Zutat: the ingredient; some popular ingredients in recipes recipes are das Mehl (flour), die Milch (milk), die Butter (butter), die Eier (eggs), and das Salz (salt).

die Pfanne: cooking pan

der Topf: cooking pot 

Ankunftstag [10.6.19]

der Teig: the dough (particularly for Spätzle or Kaiserschmarrn)

die Hitze: heat; recipes will often ask you to cook at mittlere Hitze (medium heat)

die Kochzeit: cooking time

die Zubereitung: preparation

kochen: to cook

etwas kochen/etwas abkochen: to boil

etwas würzen: to flavor or season

Ankunftstag 8.14.17

braten: to fry or broil

erhitzen: to heat up

schälen: to peel (for example: die Zwiebel (onion) or die Zitrone (lemon) schälen)

schneiden: to cut or slice

vermengen: to mix or combine

würfeln: to dice

Backen AG mit Uschi und den Jungs

A Tipp for making German recipes at home:

  • German recipes will use the metric system (grams, liters, etc.), and the conversions are tricky. Grams measure mass, while cups measure volume, so the conversion is different for every single ingredient you use. We suggest using a small countertop scale to measure out the ingredients without converting units. 

Looking for ideas? Check out the “Rezepte” highlight on the Waldsee Instagram page, and check out the Waldsee social media pages every Friday for #foodiefreitag recipes! Check out our blog post with baking vocabulary here.

Sie bereiten das Essen vor!

Waldsee is planning to offer both virtual and on-site programming in Summer 2020. Check out the details of our Summer 2020 programming, both on-site in Bemidji or through our Virtual Village, here. Registration opens May 26.

Additionally, we are collecting and digitizing photos from alumni in honor of our 60th anniversary this summer. If you have any photos you would like to share (particularly from the 80s and 90s), please send them to betreuerschaft@gmail.com.