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Welcome to the blog for Waldsee, the German Language Village. To view photos from our summer sessions, please visit our Flickr page.

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Waldsee's Bundestagswahl

Published: August 8, 2017

This year, we had a Bundestagswahl (election) here in Waldsee. Our two Studis (college credit villagers), Felix and Willibald, helped to plan the election. They wrote this blog post about what happened.

I'm a First Time Parent, What Should I Expect?

Published: May 25, 2017

Maifest at Waldsee

Sending your child away to summer camp for the first time can be scary – especially if they’ve never been away from home before! We know that many first time Eltern (parents) don’t know what to expect, so we went to our staff to see what they think is most important for you to know!

Advice for First Time Family Participants

Published: May 22, 2017

Inge and her two kids, Kaethe and Dirk, with their self-made pizza!

Sommer 2017 is fast approaching and we are getting more excited every day! We are always begeistert (excited), but even more so when families decide to try out our Familienwoche (family week)! Many families are nervous or unsure – it’s a new environment for their kids, and it can be difficult to learn a new language as an adult. But take it from a family that has been coming to Familienwohe for sechs (six) years – take the plunge!

Profiles of Former Villagers: Working for the Environment

Published: April 24, 2017

Peter and LKT Gruene Welle on their week-long camping trip.

Waldsee’s former villagers go on to do exciting things with their Deutsch. Peter, a two-year villager and ten-year staff member, tells us how Waldsee and the Grüne Welle program have led him to a career working for the environment.

Profiles of Former Villagers: Working in STEM

Published: April 17, 2017

Waldsee’s former villagers go on to do exciting things with their Deutsch. Erich, a 6-year villager, tells us how Waldsee has helped his career in STEM.

Advice for First Time Campers from a Nine Year Villager

Published: April 10, 2017

Anika, a nine year Waldsee villager

​Whether it’s your first time at Waldsee or your ninth, it’s always an exciting experience. For first time villagers it can be a little bit more daunting, though - that’s why nine year villager Anika is here to give you some advice

Österreich-Tag! (Austria Day!)

Published: August 23, 2016

Austrian ambassador to the United States Wolfgang Waldner speaks to campers about global citizenship.

​When the Austrian ambassador came to visit Waldsee, there was only one thing to do – celebrate Austria Day!

LKT Klassen

Published: June 24, 2016

​Read about what our credit villagers are learning in their daily classes!


Published: August 4, 2015

​Among the programs credit villagers can choose from is something called an AG. What exactly is this, and which ones are being offered this session?

LKT Project: Waldsee wird Hamburg

Published: July 23, 2015

​Today, students from an LKT classroom led a group of villagers around Waldsee, and introduced popular sights of Hamburg to them.

LKT Projekt: „Ich, Du & Waldsee“

Published: June 24, 2015

Heute hatten alle LeistungskursteilnehmerInnen den Abschluss ihres ersten Projektes. (A translation is available at the end of the blog post)

Family week begins!

Published: August 12, 2014

Yesterday we welcomed the latest round of villagers to Waldsee, and this week that includes entire families! During Family Week everyone in the family has a chance to participate in life at Waldsee, which includes meals in the Gasthof, singing and dancing at Gesang, participating in activities such as painting and playing soccer, and, of course, learning German! All the new villagers had time in the evening to meet their new housemates and counselors, and after dinner we circled...