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Top 10 Packing List 

Published: May 30, 2017

Sommer 2017 is almost upon us and the first Villagers will be arriving at Waldsee in less than a week! With that, we know that many of you are starting to think about what to pack for Waldsee. This is oftentimes the hardest part about getting ready to come to camp (for staff too!). So we went and asked Jürgen, a sechs (six) year Villager what makes his Top 10 Packing List.



1. Sonnenschutzcreme (sunscreen) and Mückenspray (bug spray) - Bugs get out of control in northern Minnesota and it is a good idea to protect your skin. We recommend bringing bug spray WITH deet (at least 20%) for the best protection against both mosquitos and Zecken (ticks).

2. Lange Hose (long pants) – You need to protect your legs from Giftiger Efeu (poison ivy) and other things that can get at your legs in the woods.

Grüne Welle

3. Wasserflasche (water bottle) – It is important to hydrate, so bring a water bottle! Depending on which session you attend, temperatures in Bemidji can reach 90°+, so we try to encourage Villagers to drink as much Wasser (water) as possible.

4. Regenjacke (rain jacket) – Every year Jürgen has been at Waldsee, there has been at least one big storm!

5. Badeanzug (swimsuit) – Swimming is always fun, and you can also go Kanufahren (canoeing) without having to worry about getting your clothes wet!


6. At least two Handtücher (towels) – One towel will be wet from swimming or showering, so this way you always have a dry towel!


7. Ein Spannbettlaken (a fitted sheet) – Nights at  Waldsee can be very warm and humid, so you don’t want to be lying on a bare mattress.

8. Kleider (clothing) that can get schmutzig (dirty) – Somehow, Jürgen always ends up getting at least some of his clothes extremely dirty, so make sure you bring some clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!


9. Comfortable Schuhe (shoes) – You will be walking everywhere, so shoes that you find bequem (comfortable) are vital!

10. Ein Hut (a hat) – Protect your face from die Sonne (the sun), wear a hat!

We know Jürgen will definitely be prepared when he joins us for his seventh summer this year, and now you will be too! Not registered yet? Head over to our website to sign up for your summer adventure!