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The Sprachmeister Challenge

Published: October 6, 2019

At Waldsee, we love to recognize campers who challenge themselves to speak German for the entire day! Every day, campers can volunteer to be a Sprachmeister (language master), where they challenge themselves to speak only German from breakfast until dinner. These campers wear a Sprachmeister Namenschild (nametag) to make sure everyone knows that they can only speak German for the day.


Each morning at breakfast, counselors perform a Sprachmeister Lied (song) and ask all of the previous day’s Sprachmeister to stand up to be recognized. All Sprachmeister earn a Perle (pearl) for a free drink at Cafe Einbeck. There are lots of great reasons to be Sprachmeister, from improving spoken German skills, learning new vocabulary, completing a challenge, to enjoying a free Fritz-Limo or Spezi!


Campers can even opt for a long-term challenge: becoming a Waldsee Mensch over the course of two weeks! Waldsee Menschen have to complete a number of tasks, including being Sprachmeister for several days and having a two-minute conversation with our deans, Karl and Berndt. Waldsee Mensch challenges change every session, but campers can often choose to teach the words to a new song during Gesang (song hour), lead Morgen- oder Abendkreis (morning or evening circle), decorate a new Sprachmeister Namenschild, and more! 


All of our Waldsee Menschen are recognized at the end of each two-week session during Bankett (banquet), and each receive a t-shirt from the Laden, a sweet treat from Cafe Einbeck, and a brand-new Namenschild. Waldsee Mensch is a great way to become more involved as a leader in the Waldsee community!


Auch du kannst Sprachmeister (oder Waldsee Mensch) sein! (You can also be Sprachmeister or Waldsee Mensch!) Join us this summer for our one-, two-, or four-week programs, family weeks, and alumni weekend (July 17-19).