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Twin Cities German Immersion School BioHaus Week

Published: May 25, 2018

TCGIS BioHaus Week

This week die Kinder from the Twin Cities German Immersion School came up to Waldsee for a BioHaus week, focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts, a trip that is built into their science curriculum at school!


TCGIS BioHaus Week


Each day, the students enjoyed regular Waldsee activities like Frühstück, Veranstaltungsstunde, and Pause, but much of the day was focused on Science! Students got to rotate through 4 main experiments over the two days: two in the BioHaus and two in the Gasthof.   

TCGIS BioHaus Week




In the BioHaus, students got to learn all about Solarenergie. In one experiment, they built cars powered by Solarenergie. They learned about how electric cars can separate the elements of water into Sauerstoff (oxygen) and Wasserstoff (hydrogen). After powering up the cars, they had a race! 

TCGIS BioHaus Week


In another experiment, students tested how to best capture the sun’s heat in order to heat water – a huge part of what Solarenergie is used for! They got to choose what material to use as insulation: Pape (cardboard), Glas (glass),Plastik(plastic), or Styropor (styrofoam). Every five minutes the student took the temperature of the water behind the insulation to see whether it got warmer or not.


TCGIS BioHaus Week>


In the Gasthof, students focused on power use. Upstairs, they were tasked with building the most efficient Windmühle (windmill) they could using just one paper plate and 10 dowels. After recording the energy produced, groups tried to beat their record by modifying their designs.

TCGIS BioHaus Week


Downstairs, the students learned about how much energy different electronics use. They plugged in things like ein Staubsauger (vacuum cleaner), ein Radio (radio), and ein Föhn (hair dryer), among other things, to see how many watts of energy each used while plugged in. Many students were überrascht (surprised) by just how much energy every day items use!

TCGIS BioHaus Week


<TCGIS BioHaus Week

But one of the most fun activities? Papierflugzeuge (paper airplanes)! The students had to choose one of two different designs to make and then had to test it out to see how far they could get it to fly! 



TCGIS BioHaus Week

Want to experience the fun of learning STEM concepts auf Deutsch? Join us this summer for one of our many programs! Head over to Concordia Language Villages for more information! Bis bald!