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Swiss Family Week

Published: August 16, 2019

Grüezi, Waldsee! This week we have been celebrating Helvetia Swiss Week! We have not only one-, two-, and four-week campers, but we also have families at Waldsee learning German, Italian, and French! We are so grateful to have Ubaldo and Gulli from Lago del Bosco (Italian Language Village) and Martina from Lac du Bois (French Language Village) joining us for this multilingual week.

Families joining us for Swiss Week choose a Hauptsprache (main language) and a Nebensprache (secondary language). They spend two hours a day with their Hauptsprache Gesprächsgruppe (language group) and an additional hour with their Nebensprache. Additionally, they have a special Gesang (song time) to learn songs and dances in all three languages.


Families and campers enjoy a variety of Swiss foods in Waldsee, from Schoggifondue (chocolate fondue) to Rösti (Swiss hash browns) and Raclette (a heated cheese dish with potatoes and dried meats). These foods come from all around Switzerland, and not just the German-speaking areas!


Swiss Week gives us a great excuse to play one of our favorite games -- the Wilhelm Tell Spiel (William Tell game). The game begins with the story of Wilhelm Tell, a 1300s Swiss folk hero who defied the Austrian duke Gessler. Gessler told Wilhelm Tell that he could go free if he could shoot an apple of his son’s head with a bow and arrow. When Wilhelm did this successfully, he told Gessler he would use his second arrow to kill him. Played similarly to Capture the Flag, the Austrian and Swiss teams ran all around the camp trying to find Wilhelm Tell and Gessler without getting caught by the other team.  The Swiss team won, and Gessler was thrown into the See (the lake)!


We have had so much fun this week, and we are so excited to see everyone again next summer! Want to learn more about our Helvetia Swiss Week? Find out more here.