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Singen und Tanzen (Singing and Dancing)

Published: February 7, 2019

The last time German-language music was popular on American radio was in the 1980s with songs like Nena’s “99 Luftballons” and Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus.” Incorporating German-language pop music into the Waldsee immersion experience is very important to us, because a lot of fun songs have come out of German-speaking Europe since the 1980s that we want to share with campers. Wondering why your child’s iPod was confiscated upon their arrival and they got it back for the bus ride home? Our goal is for Waldsee campers to be fully immersed in German-language music, and they have opportunities to hear other foreign language music for Festabend (festivals) and special days like International Day!

Singen und Tanzen (singing and dancing) are heavily incorporated into the Waldsee schedule. Before each meal, campers must sing the “Wir Haben Hunger” song (“We are Hungry”) to enter the Gasthof!


After breakfast, it’s time for Gesang (song hour)! Campers learn a variety of songs, from old folk songs to modern favorites like Madsen’s “Lass die Musik an” (released in 2012) to songs like “Hey, Wir Wollen die Eisbär’n Sehn” -- the fight song for the Berlin hockey team. When teaching a new song, Betreuer (counselors) use lots of Gestik (gestures) to teach the meaning of the song without providing a translation. After learning the words and the melody, campers then can see the large posters with the German lyrics written on them. Some of these songs will come in handy later in the week -- sometime the Abendprogramm (evening program) will require some singing!


A lot of dances have been made up throughout the years to go along with German songs. Some camper favorites are the dances to “Babi Hai” as well as to “Ein Stern” by Helene Fischer. After Gesang, it’s time to dance! We also love to dance during Festabend and to teach some of our favorite dances on special days like Schweizer Tag (Swiss Day), when the Lac du Bois (French immersion village) and El Lago del Bosco (Italian immersion village) come to Waldsee!


Have a favorite Waldsee dance? Let us know in the comments!

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