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Seifenoper AG

Published: July 15, 2009

One of the most exciting element of the Waldsee credit program curriculum is the two-week cultural clubs (die AGs). Each villager selects two different club activities during the four-week credit program - things like Bogenschiessen (archery), Fussballtraining (soccer training), Backen (baking), Swingtanzen (swing dancing) and a variety of others. One of the clubs focused on Seifenoper, or soap operas. The group has been watching a variety of German-language soap operas and analyzing how they are different from their American counterparts (most strikingly, German soap operas are targeted at German youth and come on the television during the period between school and dinner each day). Once the group had a good grasp on the style of German soap operas, they began writing their own soap opera for Waldsee. Today they performed the first installation of "Alle meine Betreuerschaft" (All My Counselors). Have fun watching!!!