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Our Favorite Austrian Foods

Published: February 5, 2019

Spoken language isn’t the only form of immersion here at Waldsee. Campers are also experience the cuisine of German-speaking Europe at every meal, starting with Müsli in the morning zum Frühstück (for breakfast). Not all of our favorite foods come from Germany, and in fact, some of our favorites are really from Österreich (Austria)!

1. Schnitzel

When people think of German food, one of the first dishes that comes to mind is Schnitzel. It’s also one of the first meals a camper eats at Waldsee, which is the dinner every other Monday for Ankunftstag (arrival day). The “classic” Schnitzel that comes to mind is Wiener Schnitzel or Wiener Art -- coming from Wien (Vienna), the capital of Austria!


2. Kaiserschmarrn

Every camper’s favorite Abendessen (supper) is Kaiserschmarrn! Campers will consume platefuls of these sweet, fluffy pancakes with different fruit toppings. Kaiserschmarrn is also an Austrian dish, which gets its name from the Kaiser (emperor) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Waldsee Cafe

3. Sachertorte

A classic at Waldsee Cafe is Sachertorte, chocolate cake with apricot jam filling. Sachertorte was developed by Franz Sacher in Wien, and his famous cake can be found all over the city. The “original recipe” can be found at the Hotel Sacher in Wien!


Bonus: French Food That is Actually Austrian -- Croissants!

Most people think of France when they think of croissants, but croissants come from the Austrian Kipferl. Much like the Sachertorte, croissants originate in Wien.

All of these amazing foods are served at Waldsee! Join us this summer for one, two, or even FOUR weeks -- descriptions of our programs can be found here.

Want to try these foods for yourself in Austria? This summer you can! Join the High School Credit Abroad program for two weeks at Waldsee and two weeks touring Austria. The application deadline is February 15th, and more information can be found here.