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#MyWaldseeMoment: Otto

Published: January 1, 2019


Frohes Neues from all of us here at Waldsee!

In the new year, we’ll be talking about our favorite Waldsee Moments on the blog: stories from current and former counselors and villagers about seeing what they learned at Waldsee in the real world.

Our first Waldsee Moment is from Otto, one of our beloved high school credit teachers!

Waldsee uses simulations and role-playing to present and help villagers learn about complicated topics and historical events. Two simulations in particular really evoked a deep understanding and empathy for people in Germany and around the world who think very differently about complex issues.

The first is the Flüchtlingskrise (refugee crisis) simulation in which villagers are encouraged to experience different sides of the issue of immigration. Villagers discovered emotions of empathy, not only for refugees but also for the people whose country is receiving the refugees, through a cardboard tower-building competition, in which different teams were allocated different amounts of resources.

Flüchtlingskrisesimulation Learn more about our refugee crisis simulation here.

The second simulation is the Bundestagswahl (federal election) of Germany. The villagers have the opportunity to learn about the main talking points of the six major political parties in Germany in a debate and to participate in a mock election. They come to understand the viewpoints of many different citizens of Germany and the United States.

Bundestagswahl Erklärung/Debatte!

Wahlkampf Debrief

Germany's federal elections and the refugee crisis are complex issues in the news that evoke many different emotions from many different people. Waldsee has made these issues accessible to many young people so that they can act with empathy and understanding with citizens from around the world.

Simulations play a major role in the four-week programs. Click to learn more about four-week apprenticeshiphigh school credit, and college credit programs.

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