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Met During Gesang: Max und Moritz

Published: March 16, 2020

At Waldsee, we love to introduce villagers to important cultural figures in the German-speaking world -- both real and legendary, from Johann Sebastian Bach to Wilhelm Tell. One of our favorite ways to do this is through Gesangsgeschichte (song hour story), where counselors put on short, daily skits to help engage villagers with our Fragen des Tages (questions of the day)! 


Many of our Gesangsgeschichten have storylines related to important aspects of German culture, from movies and television shows to history. During Gesangsgeschichte, villagers got to know Max und Moritz (Max and Moritz), fictional children’s book pranksters known across German-speaking Europe.

Max und Moritz

The original Max und Moritz stories were published in 1865 by the author Wilhelm Busch, born in the German state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). The stories are about the boys conducting seven pranks, all told in rhymes. The pranks range from stealing chickens to letting bugs loose in their uncles’ bed. Max und Moritz is often read to young children, and has been turned into comic books, a television show, and movies. The stories, while most popular in German-speaking Europe, have been translated into 190 languages in the last century and a half.


At Waldsee, Max und Moritz love to make appearances at both Gesangsgeschichte and for Abendprogramme (evening programs). Two counselors will dress up and cause trouble across the camp -- from disrupting dinner and the Essensvorstellung (meal presentation) to turning objects upside down or hiding them outright. During Gesangsgeschichte, villagers learn about questions of the day like “Wie heißt du?” (What’s your name?) and “Was machst du?” (What are you doing?) while following their crazy antics.

Get ready to meet important cultural figures like Max und Moritz  and join us in Summer 2020! We can’t wait to see you, whether it’s your first time at Waldsee or you’re coming back after decades for our Alumni Weekend, July 17-19.  


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