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Meet the Betreuerschaft!

Published: June 10, 2019

Hallo zusammen! It's been quite some time since last summer and we can't wait to get started. A new group of families and villagers arrive today and our staff is hard at work getting everything ready. We'd like to introduce you to some of our summer staff for 2019!

Berndt is our dean! He’s 35 years old, from Waldsee, and a fun fact about him is that he collects Swedish Dala horses.



Bine is 35, from Waldsee, and she does improv comedy!


Charlotte loves scuba diving. She’s also 35 years old and from Waldsee.

Clara is our business manager. She’s 35, from Waldsee, and has been to more countries than she is years old!
Edeltraud is 35, from Waldsee, and collects carnivorous plants!
This is Elise! She used to be allergic to pears when she was younger. She’s from Waldsee and 35 years old.
Hallo Fabi! He’s 35, from Waldsee, and has played the cello for nine years.
This is Fritz. He’s our song leader in Waldsee and claims he is no fun, but we know better.
Gabi is from Waldsee and enjoys ballroom dancing in her spare time! She is also 35 years old.
Gerhard loves traveling around the world. He’s from Waldsee, and 35 years old, and has traveled to over 25 different countries.
Golo is one of our assistant deans and his least favourite animal by far is a squirrel.
Servus Hannelore! She’s 35, from Waldsee, and loves to tap dance. She’s tap danced at our last two talent shows!
Heidi frequents our Familienwoche with her husband and her children. She’s 35, from Waldsee, and once ran a half-marathon eight months pregnant.
This is Janina! She loves ice cream so much, she even ate it in a blizzard. She calls Waldsee home and just celebrated her 35th birthday.
Johanna is one of our assistant deans and a certified Oula teacher! She loves dancing, is 35, and from Waldsee.
Larissa is 35, from Waldsee, and her favourite animal is the dragonfly.
Leo doesn’t just speak German, he also speaks Spanish! He’s 35, is from Waldsee, and rows for his university.
Leonora is 35, from Waldsee, and also speaks Italian. It's why she loves all things Swiss!
Hallo Liesel! Her favourite animal is a sea turtle, she’s 35, and also from Waldsee.
If Lotti were an animal, she says she’d love to be a sloth. She calls Waldsee home and is also 35 years old.
Marius is a former counselor who loves coming back to Waldsee with his family. He’s 35, and knows three Disney movies in German better than he knows them in English.
Max is one of our native speakers from Germany and he can’t handle any spice in his food, but he definitely tries!
Steffi is 35, from Waldsee, and loves playing rugby!

Moin, Therese! She’s from Waldsee, is 35 years old, and her favourite flavour of ice cream is cinnamon!
Thorsten is 35, from Waldsee, and his favourite thing is hearing Germans say the word “squirrel.”
This is Tobias! He’s 35, from Waldsee, and was offered a Fulbright scholarship.
Uschi is a long-time staff member who is 35 and from Waldsee. She loves to play the ukulele!
Vanessa is 35, from Waldsee, and she can think of a song that can go with any word in the dictionary.
Hallo Vera! She sings opera and leads our Märchenwald program.
Vicky is our nurse. For fun, she likes to ballroom dance with her husband and recently won the Atlanta Open Ballroom Dance Championship!
Und ich heiße Lorelei! Coincidentally, I'm also 35 years old and call Waldsee home. I'll be taking the photos and writing our blogs.




We can't wait to have an amazing summer with you learning German and taking on adventures like we've never done before. Remember to follow our Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates on life here at Waldsee as well as resources for you and your camper!


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