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Make a Reservation for Restaurantabend

Published: March 26, 2019

You might notice on the Waldsee packing list that we recommend bringing along “one set of dress clothes.” Between all of the painting, hiking, soccer playing, and swimming, what could you possibly need a set of dress clothes for? One special occasion at Waldsee that villagers and counselors like to dress up for is Restaurantabend (restaurant night)!


Most meals at Waldsee are German meals or foods typically eaten in the German-speaking world. Some classic German foods served at Waldsee include Schnitzel, Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), Nudelsalat (noodle salad), Frikadelle (German meatballs), and Spargel (asparagus). That all changes for Restaurantabend, when the Waldsee kitchen transforms into a restaurant of a different cuisine. One of our favorite “restaurants” recently was Restaurant zur goldenen Sonne (Restaurant of the Golden Sun), an Argentinian restaurant!

The Lehrlinge (high school apprentices) are the hosts for Restaurantabend, who start the process by taking phone reservations for other villagers, asking questions Um wie viel Uhr? (at what time). Both Lehrlinge and other villagers get the fun challenge of talking to someone in German on the phone, which feels much different than doing it in person!


The Lehrlinge and older Betreuer (counselors) also help write menus and take shifts as Kellner (servers) at the restaurant before eating at the restaurant themselves. Groups of villagers come dressed up to enjoy a fun night at their reservation time, and are served three courses -- Vorspeise (appetizers), Hauptspeise (entree), and Nachtisch (dessert)! Villagers take the skills they have practiced ordering cake at Waldsee Cafe to order a full meal at a restaurant.

After all of the fun at Restaurantabend comes the Disko! Once everyone has had a chance to eat at the restaurant and digest for a little bit, everyone returns to the Gasthof for a fun night of music, dancing, and games. Villagers can show off all of the dances to international music they have learned over their session and maybe learn a few new ones too.


Restaurantabend is one of our favorite nights of the summer! Join us for Restaurantabend and other special occasions this summer, and explore our different program offerings here.