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Published: December 13, 1901

The Abendprogramm, or evening program, on Tuesday was <Märchenabend, or Fairy Tale Night. Each Haus was visited by different characters from the Brüder Grimm fairy tales, including Hänsel und Gretel, Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty), Aschenputtel (Cinderella), the Rattenfänger von Hameln (the Rat-Catcher of Hameln), Schneewittchen (Snow White), die Böse Hexe (evil witch), der Wolf, and several others. The characters told each Haus about themselves, and then the villagers could ask the characters questions. Then, they wrote a story in German incorporating their favorite characters! Afterwards, we all gathered to watch the characters reenact the stories. Below, you can see a video of the stories by Haus Blank and Blank.