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Komm, lieber Mai…

Published: July 23, 2009

On Wednesday July 22 the whole village celebrated a Maifest as typically might be found in small Austrian towns. The party started with our very own Maibaum, a tree that is decorated and placed prominently on the village Marktplatz to herald spring and the change of seasons. We then enjoyed a hearty Austrian meal of Bratwurst, Pommes, Döner Kebap, Obst, und Brezeln. We experienced one fun tradition as well – our bakers handed out fresh baked rolls of sugary goodness known as Berliner, except one Berliner was filled by mustard! As luck would have it, our college credit Student, Igor, happened to stumble upon the mustard-filled BerlinerGuten Appetit! Check out our Maifest photos on our Flicker site.