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Published: July 1, 2009

Sonntag (Sunday) at Waldsee is a special day. We have a slightly more relaxed schedule and often get to do things we might not have time for during the week. This Sunday, we went ins Kino (to the movies)! Each villager bought a ticket to their preferred film: "Asterix und Obelix", "Schuh des Manitus", "Emil und die Detektive" (the subject of a recent Waldsee Abendprogramm, or evening program), or "Lola rennt" (the latter for four-week credit villagers only). After dinner, the two-week villagers gathered with their houses and were visited by five film stereotypes! We had the Schlechter Typ (bad guy), Chick-Flic Frau, Superheld (superhero), Weise Oma (wise grandmother), and the Doofer beste Freund (dumb best friend). Each house had a chance to interview each of the characters, after which they wrote a short story about them. Waldsee then came together as a big group. Each house read its story while the characters acted it out! Super! Below you can see videos of the stories written by Haus Halle, Haus Düsseldorf, Haus Stuttgart, Haus Kiel, and Haus Frankfurt.