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Karneval der Kulturen

Published: December 13, 1901

[gallery]It is a great tradition in Berlin to celebrate multi-kulti Strassenfeste. A mixture of different cultures who are living in Berlin and all over Germany celebrating on the streets together, having different cultural food, music, dances and games and so we decided to do the same in Waldsee this year. Our Schlamasselgasse turned into a party zone with many stations! There were different food stands with Döner, Currywurst mit Pommes und Flammkuchen and different activities taken from several cultures present in Berlin for the kids to do. They could get their arms painted with Henna, create masks, decorate a wall with cultural images and because we had a wonderfully warm day, we also had a huge water fight! However, these weren't the only things to do. The kids could go down to the lake, where we turned a pontoon boot into a party boot and we also learned a couple of new dances last night.