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International Day 2019

Published: August 12, 2019

Friday was International Day! All of the other CLV camps joined us at Waldsee for a day of fun and learning -- Al-Waha (Arabic Language Village), Sēn Lín Hú (Chinese Language Village), Mori no Ike (Japanese Language Village), Lago del Bosco (Italian Language Village), El Lago del Bosque (Spanish Language Village), Lesnoe Ozero (Russian Language Village), Lac du Bois (French Language Village), and Sjölunden (Swedish Language Village).

The opening ceremonies began with a parade around the Marktplatz and the International Day dance to the song Kixajo, in the Tz’utujil language, an indigenous language in Guatemala. Every year, members of the CLV community suggest a song reflecting the International Day theme in a language not taught at any of the CLV camps -- a fun way to learn more about new cultures.


Every camp had a pavilion with fun snacks and activities related to the countries that speak their target languages. The Waldsee pavilion had our classic Kaffee (coffee) and Schoggicroissants (chocolate croissants). Campers had the opportunity to try Kakigōri (Japanese snow cones with condensed milk), Mexican street corn, Crêpes, lingonberry juice, bubble tea, and much more!


There were a lot of activities going on through the day, from World Cup Soccer on the Fußballplatz to UNO-Gipfel (Model United Nations) to Dragonfly Story Hour and Iron Chef Showdown. We also held World Cafe in the Biohaus, where campers, counselors, deans, and families could discuss difficult questions and themes in different cultures, such as how to discuss issues related to colonialism or World War II.


We also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the high school credit program at Concordia Language Villages. Some of our Leistungskursteilnehmer (LKTs, four-week credit villagers) went to the rededication of the Peace Site as part of the anniversary celebrations.

The closing program came, and all of the deans and Ten Year Villagers were introduced. We loved seeing the different dances and presentations from all of the other camps, which covered themes of belonging and acceptance, as well as current topics like climate change. We are so proud of our Waldsee I-Tag Tanz AG (International Day dance group) for their awesome dance on the Marktplatz!


We are already so excited for next year’s International Day, and we hope to see you there!