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Published: July 10, 2018


            I-Day is a intercultural festival held twice a summer at Waldsee. All of the villages congregate at Waldsee to celebrate each individual culture, but also the global community.



            For the villagers, I-Day begins long before the general public arrives. As early as 10 am, villagers can participate in a number of pre-determined activities such as a model United Nations Summit, World Cup Fußball, a biathlon, or a language exchange. If a villager doesn’t elect to participate in one of these special events, they may learn and teach other villages their unique songs. Once each village is finished with the song exchange, lunch is eaten before the opening ceremony commences.


            The opening ceremony begins with each village filing into the Marktplatz in front of the newly arrived public. Villages perform traditional song and dance each representing their culture, as an introduction to the summer theme. After the ceremony closes, the real party begins!


            During the afternoon, there is a wide variety of intercultural activities and displays available. From Fußball to our take on Iron Chef, to a discussion about current global politics, there is something for everybody. Tents filled with cultural food and paraphernalia are open to the public until the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony features the highlights of the day before closing in a festival-wide dance.



            This year’s I-Day theme was courage. Courage was showcased at the opening ceremony through unique village song and dance. Throughout the day courage was highlighted at the global summit through their debate about the ongoing refugee crisis. Villagers were able to submit courage-themed artwork to be viewed and judged in an art contest. This year, Skogfjorden, showed their courage on the soccer field by winning the Concordia Language Village World Cup.


            International Day is a wonderful opportunity to have fun while learning about different world cultures and how to be a better global citizen.