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Helvetia at Lago del Bosco

Published: August 3, 2018

On Wednesday, our Helvetia Abenteuerprogramm (adventure program) had a miniature Swiss Day with a small group of campers from Lac du Bois (French Language Village) at the Lago del Bosco (Italian Language Village). The Helvetia adventure program seeks to teach Waldsee villagers not only German, but also French and Italian, three of the four national languages of Switzerland. They travelled an hour to Lago del Bosco, which lies between Man Lake and Baby Lake.


Our campers arrived during the Le Activite time, our Veranstaltungsstunde (activity hour), where Frisbee, Braccialette (bracelet making), card games, and el calcio, a game similar to football and rugby were offered.

After Le Activite, it was time for La commedia dell’arte, a traditional form of Italian storytelling and theater. At Lago del Bosco they added modern twists on traditional plots and characters like Pulcinella and Colombina with a Star Wars-themed story. Our villagers loved learning about la commedia dell’arte.

Then came dinner in the Trattoria, the Italian equivalent of our Gasthof, which is used as a common gathering area and is also where meals are served. Waldsee campers were divided into groups with campers from Lago del Bosco and Lac du Bois for dinner, where they sat at tables labelled with the names of famous Italians, such as Machiavelli. At Waldsee, our tables are labelled after large cities in German-speaking Europe such as Tübingen and Berlin, which are also used as the names of our houses.

Following Italian tradition, dinner was served in courses, with Ratatouille as the main course and a surprise dessert of lemon pie. Our campers even learned the song that Lago del Bosco uses to clean up after meals!

After dinner, all the campers played an Italian version of Capture the Flag, where they were divided into German, French, Romansch, and Italian teams.


The next morning, all the camps participated in a Liederaustausch (song exchange) before breakfast before driving back to Waldsee. Helvetia enjoyed the night that they spent at Lago del Bosco, diving even deeper into Italian and French language and culture to complement their German language and cultural education here at Waldsee.