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Guten Morgen: Mornings at Waldsee

Published: October 8, 2019

There’s no better way to start the day at Waldsee than with Weckdienst (wake-up call) at 7:20. Both campers and counselors can volunteer to take on the incredible responsibility of waking up every cabin in the morning, and they can decide how to wake everyone up. Many groups decide to go house-to-house and sing some of our favorite Waldsee Lieder (songs) or blast Deutsche Schläger (German pop hits) on a stereo or use a wide variety of percussion instruments. Once Weckdienst comes around, it’s half an hour until everyone gathers for Morgenkreis (morning circle)!

Sonnenuntergang am Strand

We all come together around the Marktplatz for Morgenkreis, so that we can begin the morning as one large group. Typically, our deans Karl and Berndt will lead Morgenkreis with a series of Waldsee Lieder such as “Zuerst Nach Vorne” to make sure everyone is awake and ready for the day ahead. Campers who would like to earn the title of Waldsee Mensch can choose to lead Morgenkreis one day and choose what songs the entire camp sings. After a couple of songs and asking if everyone is hungry, campers run to line up in front of the Gasthof for Frühstück (breakfast).

Waldseefest 2010 - Morgenkreis

The singing isn’t over yet -- before entering the Gasthof, campers sing the “Wir Haben Hunger” (We Are Hungry) song. Once the food is ready and the tables are set, it’s time to find a seat! Before we can eat, we have to see what’s for breakfast during the Essensvorstellung (meal presentation). Counselors or groups of campers will perform a short skit introducing all of the different foods on the table, and everyone repeats the food words when they are mentioned in the skit. Campers and counselors bring a lot of creativity to the Essensvorstellungen, which are based on fairy tales, German history, pop culture, and more. Once the Essensvorstellung is over, it’s time to eat -- Guten Appetit!


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