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Geheimbetreuer in einer Kiste !

Published: June 25, 2009

Every day at Mittagessen (lunch), we find out ... who is the Secret Counselor in the Box? Villagers can ask seven yes-or-no questions to try to determine who is in the box. The Betreuer or Betreuerin uses the "Yes" and "No" holes to answer. Common questions include: Bist du ein M├Ądchen? ("Are you a girl?"), Has du blonde Haare? ("Do you have blond hair?"), and Spielst du die Gitarre? ("Do you play the guitar?"). After we have figured out who the Betreuer is, we ask them: Wer hat mit dir viel Deutsch gesprochen? ("Who spoke a lot of German with you?"). The villager selected wins a disco ball to hang on their Namensschild (name tag)! Wer ist heute der Geheimbetreuer in der Kiste ? Watch the video below to find out!