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Four Weeks at Waldsee: LKT MINT

Published: January 24, 2019

The fun at Waldsee doesn’t stop after just two weeks! For high school students, we offer a variety of four-week credit programs, or Leistungskurse: Klassisch (classic), Märchenwald (middle ages program), Grüne Welle (nature program), and MINT (STEM).

Today’s blog will feature the MINT (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft, und Technik) program for the LKTs (Leistungskursteilnehmer): our four-week credit campers!


LKTs have a combination of language-learning in small, more traditional classroom settings with creative projects outside the classroom. All LKTs have three class times during the day, but the LKT MINT participants have specialized class times during the day: one math class, one science class, and one language and grammar class -- all in German!

There’s no end to what you can learn in LKT MINT, and where better to learn than in the Waldsee Biohaus? The Biohaus is the first certified Passivhaus in the United States, which creates almost as much energy as it consumes. Campers in the LKT MINT program learn all about how the Biohaus works, from the solar panels and the hydro cells to the magnetic stovetops. Campers also conduct science experiments in the Biohaus classrooms and outside in der Natur (in nature). One of our favorite past projects was the boat race run by the LKT MINT campers on Turtle River Lake!

MINT/STEM Bootwettbewerb!

At the end of the four weeks, LKT MINT campers will have created a portfolio of everything they learned in the course of the four weeks. Campers, who may have started the program with various German language backgrounds, will have successfully conducted a number of science experiments and math projects entirely in German!

MINT/STEM Bootwettbewerb!

Germany is a global leader in STEM/MINT fields, with German engineering and innovation known around the world. Enjoy math and science at school? Come join us this summer and take your STEM skills to the next level!

Learn more about dates and pricing for the four-week credit programs, including LKT MINT/STEM, here.

Curious about the Biohaus? Take a closer look here, and come take a tour this summer!