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Four Weeks at Waldsee: LKT Klassisch!

Published: January 16, 2019

The fun at Waldsee doesn’t stop after just two weeks! For high school students, we offer a variety of four-week credit programs, or Leistungskurse: Klassisch (classic), Märchenwald (middle ages program), Grüne Welle (nature program), and MINT (STEM).

Today’s blog will feature the Klassisch program for the LKTs (Leistungskursteilnehmer): our four-week credit campers!

LKTs have a combination of language-learning in a small, more traditional classroom settings with creative projects outside the classroom. Campers take a placement test upon their arrival in Waldsee and are put in small classes of five to ten other campers at their language level. Whether you have spent five summers at Waldsee, have taken German classes before, or have never read written German, there is a class just for you at in the LKT program!


Classes meet three times each day to learn different aspects of German language and culture, from grammar topics to history and pop culture! Over the course of the four weeks, each class will prepare a number of projects for their LKT Portfolio! Nata's class showed their class project, a The Office-style mockumentary of a day at Waldsee, this past summer at Talenteabend (talent night)!


Campers also spend an hour each day with their Arbeitsgruppe (AG, working groups), which span the course of two weeks, allowing LKTs to be part of two different AGs! Campers pick the AG that interests them most, and there are always lots to choose from! Each AG explores how to do specific activities in German. Some of our favorite AGs from the last few years have included Fechten (fencing), Backen (baking), Tanzen (dance), Drachenboot (dragon boat), Geschichte (history), and Gebärdensprache (German sign language).



All LKT sessions also have the opportunity to participate in International Day, when all the other language villages come to Waldsee for a day of language and cultural exchange and celebration. With language, song, and dance exchanges, international food and snack markets, and activities such as the UNO Gipfel (Model UN Summit) and Master Chef, there’s never a dull moment!


Click here for more information on the four-week high school credit program!