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Earning Credit at Waldsee – An Adventure in Learning

Published: July 20, 2009

On Monday, July 20 we welcomed a new session of new villagers, including many who are involved in our high school credit program. This year credit villagers can choose to become Lehrlinge, or apprentices working on projects for the Waldsee community, as they use their German in real-life situations and develop individualized portfolios that record their progress in German over the four weeks. In addition to their regular classes, our credit villagers, or Leistungskursteilnehmer, have also signed up for a variety of hands-on projects in German that range from cooking with magnets in our energy-efficient BioHaus kitchen to Fechten (fencing), Pferdereiten (German equestrian culture, complete with our three horses), and even deutsche Rockmusik – our own German rock band. Fechten vor dem Bahnhof Die Waldsee Rock AG Konzert Haus Rostock beim Abendessen Beim Abendessen