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Published: July 5, 2018


            The theme at Concordia Language Villages for the summer is courage. But how does courage relate to global citizenship and language?


            The Language Villages are a unique place. While we play games and sing songs like many summer camps, doing it all in a different language is truly something special. For many villagers, having daily life in another language takes courage, let alone having a different schedule and being away from family and that which is familiar. Speaking a different language also takes courage. Not always knowing the right words or sentence structure can be unnerving and having to ask for help to express your opinion is difficult. We help the villagers overcome these hurdles and build the courage to keep trying new things and to keep learning, even though it isn’t always easy.


            Courage also relates to global citizenship. A large part of today’s global society is having the courage to do what is right to help one another and help our planet. Courage shows up in all corners of this philosophy, whether it be in environmental protection or choosing to spend time abroad to better understand a different culture and build better relationships. Courage enables us as humans to do what should be done and to stand up for what is right.


            By helping the villagers become more courageous here at Waldsee we are not only improving their German ability, but also preparing them for a life where courage is always needed. We hope that International Day helps spread the message, and courage, to even more people.