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Channel Surfing: Das Fernsehspiel!

Published: August 21, 2019

On Monday, two-week campers explored the world of German television with Das Fernsehspiel (the TV Game)! Houses worked together to complete challenges based on well-known TV shows in Germany and Austria: Shopping Queen, Herzblatt (The Dating Game), and Das Weiß Doch Jedes Kind (Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?)

For Shopping Queen, host Guido Maria Kretschmer gave each house the same challenge: To dress up like James Bond and be able to hide in plain sight. Each house had 200 Euros to spend at three different shops on Berndts Bühne and had to come up with a story behind each outfit. James Bond had a lot of adventures in these outfits, including hiding from Scotland Yard and going on safari. The stories were incredibly creative and it was great to have the Lehrlinge (apprentices) working at the Kasse (cash register)!


Houses had to win over Karo during Herzblatt! Our host, Tamara, read out several Waldsee-related questions to test out each house's compatibility with Karo. They won her over by saying that their favorite Waldsee songs were Wie Schön (How Beautiful) and that their favorite place in Waldsee was the Strand (beach).


In Das Weiß Doch Jedes Kind, both the Betreuer (counselors) and campers were put to the test on their Waldsee knowledge. Subjects ranged from Wissenschaft (science) to Erdkunde (geography) and Gesang (song hour). 

For example: 3. Klasse Geschichte: Im welchem Jahr wurde Waldsee gegründet? (3rd Grade History: In what year was Waldsee founded?) The answer: 1961 -- the same summer the Berlin Wall was built! 


Haus Bingen, Haus Bonn, Haus Bielefeld, and Haus Leipzig were awesome competitors!

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